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The Value of LED Annunciator Lamp Products

Posted by admin on December 9th, 2016

The Value of LED Annunciator Lamp Products

An annunciator panel is a very important feature used in a variety of industries to indicate the status of equipment or systems or warn of alarm or danger such as with a fire alarm annunciator panel. These panels are lit up by a light source which makes them visible and usable.

Our LED Annunciator Lamps

At DDP Engineered LED Solutions, we offer an array of LED retrofit options that are designed to match backlight annunciator applications. Our annunciator lamp products are designed to work with virtually any voltage or color combination, including colored and white LEDs to match the annunciator lenses. LED lamps are ideal for these applications because they produce less heat and offer a longer lifespan than incandescent lighting. The illumination of annunciator panels also provides optimum visibility for the user.

As with all our DDP LED light engines and modules, our annunciator LED solutions are designed for maximum longevity, performance, and overall value.

  • LED solutions to back-light almost any annunciator panel
  • Multiple voltage options
  • White or colored LEDs to match lenses
  • Up to 100,000-hour life
  • LED lamps operate at cooler temperatures compared to incandescent

At DDP, we provide LED solutions that can provide back-light for virtually an annunciator panel in any application. Our solutions come with multiple voltage options and operate at a service life of up to 100,000 hours.

Applications and Industries

Annunciator panels are utilized in various industries, including process control, aviation and fire alarm applications.

In the process control industry, annunciator panels provide alert statuses for various functions or conditions of a plant. Colored and/or flashing lights may be used in these panels to warn, advise or give caution to plant workers and managers.

In the aviation industry, they are used to provide notification of the aircrafts various systems. Lamps are normally assigned various colors which indicate the various meanings intended, such as for caution, or an indication of an action being performed or issues that must be addressed soon.

Fire alarm annunciator panels used in buildings are used to give firefighters important information about the source fire alarms within the building and possible failures within the system. These panels may also provide notice or warning of building ventilation systems.

For more information about our LED annunciator lamp solutions contact us today.

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