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The Ideal LED Solution to Replace an Incandescent 1835 Bulb

Posted by admin on March 3rd, 2017

Sometime in the very early 20th century, General Electric Company designed a revolutionary indicator light that became the standard in control panels worldwide. GE’s multi-voltage indicator used a combination of interchangeable external resistors to allow a model 1835 incandescent bulb to operate over a wide voltage range. Until recently, users of the GE ET-16 socket routinely replaced their incandescent 1835 bulb several times a year as these indicators are used in the hundreds, constantly operating in power plants and industrial facilities. Designing an LED lamp to replace the incandescent 1835 bulb in this challenging electrical design was a challenge that DDP accepted.

DDP’s 1835LS3 LED lamp provides 100,000-hour life and is a direct, drop-in replacement in any of the GE ET-16 voltage ranges. Furthermore, it is available in both monochromatic (red, amber, green, blue) or white (warm, cool) colors. The DDP 1835LS3 includes a Fresnel lens which provides uniform 160 degree visibility. It also includes a shunt resistor so the LED lamp will not glow in the off-state.

  • Payback in replacement cost alone for the DDP 1835LS3 is generally less than 12 months. Further savings can be realized when factoring in:
  • Zero maintenance – engineers can spend their time on critical processes instead of changing bulbs
  • Lower power – DDP 1835LS3 operates at one-third of the energy of the incandescent bulb
  • Less heat – the DDP 1835LS3 will not discolor lenses and reduces strain on environmental systems and battery back-ups
  • Lower inventory costs – With 10+ year life span, DDP LED lamps will not need to sit on storeroom shelves


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