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Qualities of a Reliable LED Rail Lighting Design

Posted by admin on February 26th, 2017

Rail operators need reliable signal lights. Signals are crucial for ensuring the safety of people, and freight. While LED signal technology has been around for several years, many rail operators cannot afford a wholesale change-out of their existing signaling infrastructure – and very few reliable LED retrofit options exist. The reason is there are tremendous challenges in replacing incandescent bulbs in existing rail signals. Some of these challenges include:

  • Brightness
  • Viewing angle
  • Wide voltage range
  • Redundant lighting designs
  • Circuitry feedback to signal controllers

Packing all of this technology into a simple retrofit solution is a challenge DDP has undertaken successfully for many years. Quite simply, DDP can provide a drop-in LED rail signal lamp that requires no maintenance, provides seamless brightness, color, and visibility compared to incandescent bulbs, and operates with existing circuitry and controls.

What is an LED?

Put simply, an LED lamp is the same form-factor as a traditional light bulb but is produces solid-state light. Unlike incandescent technology, Light Emitting Diodes produce light with very little heat, energize almost instantly, and the lifetime of an LED is not reduced by frequent on/off operation. This reliability translates tremendous cost-savings. Whereby an incandescent bulb requires replacement every 6-12 months, the DDP LED rail lamp will operate reliably for upwards of 100,000 hours. That’s over 10 years of reliable, maintenance-free critical signaling.

Planning for the Future

As LED technology continues to improve, DDP will continue to design innovative ways to implement the latest LED technology into challenging applications.

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