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Cartridge Panel Mount Indicators

Cartridge Panel Mount Indicators

Cartridge panel mount indicator offer superior construction and longer life versus standard incandescent panel indicators. Engineers can select any combination of lens color and style, including reflector style optics for extreme viewing conditions. Water-tight option is available with many of DDP cartridge indicators. DDP offers a full range of LED colors and panel voltages. Standard mounting from 0.190 to 0.312″ Dia.


Cartridge Panel Indicator Lights Could Really Make a Difference to Your Next Project

If you’re looking for an exceptional level of durability, low maintenance, and cost-effective performance, cartridge panel indicator lights are a great solution. Designed to be tougher and longer lasting than traditional incandescent panel indicators, a growing number of industries are opting for these more-advanced, durable panels.

Benefits of LED Panel Indicator Lights

When you choose to install these panel indicator lights in an aircraft, truck or similar use, you are selecting a premium product that has a number of significant advantages:

  • Our LED lights are guaranteed to last longer than your average incandescent light bulbs.
  • You save money though less-frequent replacements.
  • Our LED lights require less maintenance than average lights.
  • Our panels can be customized. You pick the size ,shape, thickness, diameter, etc. to be fitted to the panel mount LED.
  • Using these lights can have a major impact on safety.


Panel Mount LED That Can Be Customized to Your Needs

At DDP Engineered LED Solutions, we take pride in our reliable products. Our custom made lighting solutions are perfect for any industrial OEM or retrofit lighting application. We are a leader in our industry that works with customers in the medical, aerospace, instrumentation, and transportation sectors. Based in California, we are a United States manufacturer that is committed to going green with our long-lasting LED lights. Contact us today at (800) 421-6815 for a FREE estimate.