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Transit/Rail Vehicle Signal

Transit/Rail Vehicle Signal

Transit/Rail Vehicle Signal

Transit and Rail vehicle signals are ideal applications for LED lamps.  DDPLEDS LED Solutions designs and manufactures both custom OEM LED and retrofit LED lamps for rail vehicle signal applications.   The advantages that solid-state LEDs offer are particularly suitable for the transit and rail vehicle signal where lamps are continuously exposed to very high-vibration and voltage fluctuations.  Burned-out incandescent bulbs require costly maintenance and may create safety concerns.  Replacing incandescent bulbs with DDP® LED lamps will provide up to ten years of maintenance-free operation. We design our LED lamps to provide direct replacement of common lamps used on existing rail cars without modification to existing equipment.

Standard Products (Click below to see options and specifications)

Marker Lamps Rail Vehicle Signal Side Indicator Lamps Rail Vehicle Signal Interior Lights Rail Vehicle Signal

Custom Lamps

Since many applications are unique, DDP engineers have also developed many custom versions of our standard LED lamps. If you don’t find the lamp you need on this web site, please call our technical support number: (800) 421-6815.  Our applications engineers are available for technical assistance and to provide samples for evaluation and test.