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Aerospace Sub-assembly

Aerospace Sub-assembly

Aerospace Sub-assembly

Since 1970, DDP Engineered LED Solutions has pioneered the development of DDP® LED lamps  and light engines suitable to replace out-mode incandescent technology. The advantages that solid-state industrial LEDs offer are particularly suitable for the aerospace industry where lighting provides critical illuminations and indication in control panels. Burned-out incandescent bulbs require costly maintenance and may create safety concerns. Replacing incandescent bulbs with DDP® LED lamps will provide at least ten years of high reliability, maintenance-free operation.

The dynamic aerospace industry benefit from the versatility LED technology offers in areas of control, and color. LED lights offer the features of uniform illumination, constant light output and high reliability, beneficial in applications such as interior lighting, cabin lights, panel indicator lighting, pilot work lights and signal lights.

Key benefits of LED systems include longer life, reduced maintenance, lower power consumption and higher resistance to shock and vibration in comparison to conventional technologies.

Leading providers of manufactured assemblies for aerospace applications look to DDP LEDS Solutions to build custom light engines.  DDP Engineering specialize in designing circuits for most input and output scenarios, variable power input conditions, form-factors for extreme environments and critical indication applications.