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Pick & Pack Human-Machine Interface

Design Challenge

An innovative software company needed an LED solution for their new light-guided picking and inventory control system. The LED engine had to interface with software and be able to provide a wide range of indicator status outputs. In addition the system required that the indicators be visible at various levels of ambient light including daylight and be viewable at extreme angles.

Design Solution

DDP utilized a variety of distinct LED colors to achieve the 6-lamp board configuration that provided the ideal form-factor for the bin system. The LED module uses circuit and a RJ45 connection to read inputs  from the software program. The module is able to react to the inputs to provide additional status by flashing the LED slowly, quickly or remaining on. The optic solution is an opaque domed lens that allows the light to be visible at 180° viewing angle and diffuses the light so that color can be discerned in most ambient light conditions.