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Outdoor Architectural Accent Spot Light

Design Challenge

Match the light output of a 50W Halogen while eliminating undesirable striations produced by MR16 halogens, using LED.  Design the light engine to function in a small housing not to exceed the size of the standard halogen fixture.  Fixture should operate at 12 or 24VAC for landscape and battery back-up systems as well as other low voltage applications.  Fixture should meet LM70 as set-out by the DOE.

Design Solution

DDP utilized a versatile driver circuit that used a filtered capacitor allowing the light engine to accept AC or DC input from 12 to 24 volts.  The light engine allowed for the driver and the LED board to be mounted separately to better manage heat in the compact space.  Thermal management was achieved by strategically mounting the heat generating components to the housing to maximize heat transfer without fins.  The 15 Watt fixture produces over 800 Lumens or 50 lumens/ Watt.  Optical reflectors produce 3 beam variations and eliminate the striations commonly found with MR16 halogen light sources.