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Blue Taxi-Way Light for Airports

Design Challenge

A prominent supplier of airport and runway signal lights needed an LED solution for a blue taxi-way light that provides 3-level brightness as determined by the current being delivered from the power supply. The power supplied at 100% is 6.7A, therefore the current needed to be stepped down and converted. The solution also needed to be optimized at extreme temperature conditions. While illuminance is not the main objective, the solution needed to provide critical visibility at different times of day and at specific angles.

Design Solution

The solution designed by DDP uses blue through-hole low intensity LEDs arranged to correspond to the unique lens of the fixture. Step-down transformers and an efficient circuit converts the 6.7Amp input to ~1VAC required by the array. Total output power for the system at full power is 6.5Watts. The system is designed to provide brightless levels at 100%, 30% and 10%. The Light module is designed to operate at temperature as high as 80°C (176°F) and as low as -20°C (-4°F) .