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What Factors Influence LED Modules Designs

Posted by admin on November 30th, 2016

The use of LED lighting continues to stretch as technology and cost of using these forms of lights improve. Since the 1990s when the LED lights were introduced, their unit cost has been declining by almost double-digit percentages. When this is coupled with the reduction in carbon emissions, it creates high dependability in LED lights.In designing LED modules,there are factors that should adequately be looked at to ensure reliability and life of the system.

Environment and Safety

An important consideration when designing LED lighting is the environment they are going to light up. The system may need to operate over a certain range of temperatures. If it is not designed for those kinds of environments, it may not be reliable. For example, if you need the installations to be done for deep freezer lighting in warehouses, they need to sustain the extreme low temperatures.

In industrial settings where there is too much heat, the modules should also withstand the temperatures. Whether the lighting is applied indoors or outdoors, the effects caused by exposure to elements like dust, water, electrical surges, and moisture should be considered. Ingression protection is an integral part of the LED light designs.

Power Supply

LED lighting solutions have different power levels ranging from less than 1 watt to even several hundred watts such as in warehouse applications or street light use. Depending on the power range, you want a design that is capable of working flawlessly. Having a reliable, predictable, as well as regulated current to power the LED lights is an important aspect to consider when designing the system.


LED lighting can provide solutions to a wide range of applications. While there are standard units, custom designs are being preferred because of their ability to adapt to the applications. A lighting intended for a retail store may not be the same as that for street lighting or warehousing. Custom solutions are considered in situations where high volume usage is expected. This allows the designs to be optimized to minimize costs.

At DDP, we understand that in LED lighting solutions, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We work closely with you to ensure that you have finished LED modules and products that carry complete design integrity to match your lighting needs while scaling down the cost of energy and preventing malfunctions.

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