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Equip Your Business with LED Panel Indicator Lights

Posted by admin on April 14th, 2016

Lighting systems help illuminate sidewalks, homes, and commercial signs or storefronts, but the use of lighting in operational or vehicle switchboards is fundamental to the safety and applicability of many industries. This lighting structure can often be overlooked, but installing panel indicator lights that are durable, long lasting, and reliable is essential to a company’s business functions.

Engineering and Design Options

At DDP Engineered LED Solutions, we offer panel indicator lights equipped with LED technology. These products are proven to last longer than typical incandescent lighting, which means fewer replacements or defective products. When operating a switchboard or directing a vehicle, it is necessary for the safety of individuals that indicators function reliably without false indication or catastrophic failure. The LED improvements help enhance the construction and utility of a panel. For example, these indicators are furnished with water resistant components, reflector optics, and variations of diameter, color, and voltages.

Another example of the utility of panel indicator lights is the snap-in panel option. Panels can be constructed in a variety of shapes and sizes, so the customized options for wire length, panel thickness, and diameter availability can assist required operations for an industry. Secondly, a bolt-on panel indicator can accommodate standard hardware with additional style and optic combinations.

Cost-Effective Panel Indicator Lights

In addition to the range of options available in Panel Indictor Lights, these LED indicators will be a more cost-effective solution and a more responsible purchase. Since LED lights do not require as much maintenance as other lighting options, this purchase will eliminate the downtime necessary for repairs or replacements. This added time can help improve the reputation of a business by providing consistent and reliable service.

As previously indicated, the reduction of replacement, repair, or maintenance procedures can be a more cost-effective solution by decreasing inventory purchases.


Finally, using a LED lighting structure increases the safety of operations for an industry. The Panel Indicator Lights are armed with valuable reflector optics to illuminate and intensify visibility, particularly in outdoor applications. In unexpected weather conditions, or hazardous environmental circumstances, the added benefit of increased visibility can be advantageous to the protection and security of individuals who can be possibly affected.

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