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DDP Provides the Ideal Retrofit Solutions to LED Rail Lighting Challenges

Posted by admin on February 16th, 2017

Solid-State LED technology is vastly superior, both due to the way it provides reliable lighting for critical indication, and it resistance to electrical and mechanical stresses that cause traditional light sources to fail catastrophically.

At DDP Engineered LED Solutions, we see a wide-range of benefits for the use of LEDs in the industry of rail, and here’s why you should too.

The Benefits of LED

The benefits of LED over traditional lighting options are pretty staggering to behold. For one, there’s the cost benefit, especially in the rail industry. Here, thousands of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs provide critical indication and lighting under very harsh conditions. These traditional light sources require constant costly maintenance to ensure trains run as scheduled. Retrofitting with DDP LED Rail Lamps provide almost immediate payback in maintenance savings alone. Our team has decades of experience replacing traditional bulbs on-board trains and in critical rail operation centers – including rail signaling. Our LED lamps are also designed to operate over a wide voltage range thus causing less stress on battery back-up systems.

Besides cost-savings, rail maintenance facilities have reported numerous benefits to retrofitting with DDP LED lamps, including:

  • Tremendous energy savings.
  • Lower heat.
  • Direct drop-in replacement.


What Makes Us Different

At DDP Engineering, we focus on LED lighting challenges that require creative, highly reliable solutions. We design and manufacture 100% of our LED products in the USA. With over 45 years’ experience in the LED industry, we stand behind our products and differentiate ourselves by the critical nature of the environments our products are designed for. We understand the importance of critical indication, reliable lighting and working with existing mechanical constraints and lighting controls.

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