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Custom LED Circuit Design – Leading the Way in Innovation

One of the most efficient ways to incorporate LED technology into any product is working with an experienced partner in LED circuit design. Solid-state LED technology is superior to every other lighting technology in terms of reliability, efficiency and cost-savings. However, incorporating LED technology in many applications presents electro-optical and mechanical challenges. Understanding the complexity of unique semiconductor based technology and designing it to deliver the desired lighting results, operating within thermal design parameters, and making it compatible with machine and operator interfaces requires quite a bit of expertise.

Our Unique Approach to LED Circuit Design

At DDP Engineered LED Solutions, we value our partnerships with OEM customers as our tailored solutions are as unique as those we serve. We have a highly talented and experienced engineering LED circuit design group that can meet your specifications while adhering to ISO 9001 standards and requirements. Along with our quality design and manufacturing prowess, you can also count on our team to deliver custom solutions in moderate or high volume. Customers can expect prototype delivery in a matter of weeks, not months, allowing you to quickly assess form-fit and function.

Made in the USA

California based, we design and manufacture LED circuit solutions utilizing state of the art equipment and years of expertise. All of our products are made in America. This, and our commitment to excellence, is what allows us to compete so successfully in our industry.

Benefit from Our Experience

We offer 40 plus years of experience, quick custom prototype turnarounds, and a broad range of retrofit solutions for many industrial applications.

Contact us today to discuss your LED circuit design needs.

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