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Custom LED Design Request

Start the conversation with us today and you could be evaluating a prototype in just a few short weeks.

Involving our design and manufacturing engineers early in your development process allows you to take full advantage of our talented staff and avoid costly pitfalls further down the process in your application. We treat your information with the highest respect and confidentiality (download our Non-Disclosure Agreement boiler-plate here)

Fill out our Custom LED Design Request. Be specific or simply give us an idea of what you need. Often, we can show you how to simplify a design, improve performance, cut cost or solve a lighting challenge. See how we’ve helped other OEM clients by visiting our Design Gallery.

DDP Custom LED Lights for a Range of Applications

DDP offers custom LED lights available in a variety of intensities, colors and styles. Our LED lights are a popular option for projects in the instrumentation, medical, transport and aerospace sectors. Their unique characteristics, such as durability, and energy efficiency, mean they are a great choice for many different circumstances. As an industry leader in manufacturing and design of LED lights, we are proud to offer fully customized, high-quality LED products.

We Source Our Materials and Build Our Products in the U.S.

We are proud to manufacture our products in El Segundo, California, and have been doing so since 1970. We are committed to using U.S. components in our products, and sourcing our materials from reputable national suppliers. We can work with you at any stage of your project, designing lighting systems that offer high performance, and excellent value for your money.

LED Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our LED light solutions include:

  • T-1 3/4 sub-miniature lamps
  • T-1 3/4 sub-miniature lamps
  • T-3 1/4 miniature lamps
  • T- 4 1/2 candelabra lamps
  • SL3 stack light lamps
  • 1835 replacement/GE-ET-16
  • Custom annunciator replacement Lamps

All lamps, Fresnel lenses, and reflector lenses are available in colors that range from cool white to vibrant red.

We Can Provide the Custom LED Lights You Need for Sustainable Success

No matter the application, our custom LED lights are an eco-friendly, cost effective solution to your commercial lighting needs. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help. Call us at 1.800.522.5546 or contact us online to request samples, arrange a quote or request assistance with technical support.