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About Custom Light Engines

DDP LED Light Engine Solutions Are
Scalable, Versatile and Reliable

Custom Light EnginesDDP offers innovative OEM and end-user electro-optical design solutions for a wide range of applications. Our design engineers deliver efficient designs and functional prototypes quickly so you can evaluate form-fit and function of our solution to ensure it meets your needs.

DDP partners with OEM customers to provide tailored LED solutions that achieve the optimum balance of performance and cost.  Our experienced LED design engineering group delivers an efficient LED custom electro-optical light source design to meet your specifications, while our ISO 9001 manufacturing in El Segundo CA ensures quality, and consistency. Vertical integration of design from concept to manufacturing results in greater project control, and shortens time to market. We offer prototypes in a matter of weeks not months. Whether it’s quick-turn fabrication or high-speed automated assembly, DDP responds to high-mix demand. DDP takes pride in what we do.

Our Investment in Dynamic Technology and Training Makes the Difference

Involving our design and manufacturing engineers early in your development process allows you to avoid costly pitfalls further down the process in your application.

We have a disciplined mechanical, electrical, and optical engineering staff that provide broad capabilities. DDP is a recognized leader in the development of cutting-edge LED solutions. We continuously invest in dynamic electro-optical technology, training and capabilities.

Our policy is to design, manufacture and market products that consistently meet our customers’ needs while striving to exceed their expectations. The focus is to enhance customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of our products and services.

Our commitment is:

  • To design & produce the highest quality LED products to meet our customers’ needs
  • To provide the best service to our customers
  • To offer the best value to our customers

Every employee of Data Display is responsible for the quality of his or her own work and his contribution to customer satisfaction. Every employee is committed to working together as a team to produce error-free work completed on time. Every employee is encouraged to suggest improvements that will improve our products, services and customer satisfaction.

We treat your information with the highest respect and confidentiality.

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