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Our Custom Capabilities

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  • Service Capabilities

    Talk to us first

    Involve our design engineers early in your application. Be specific or simply give us an idea of what you need. We treat your information with the highest respect and confidentiality. Often, we can show you how to simplify a design, improve performance, or solve a lighting problem.

  • Prototype Capabilities

    Fast Development Cycles

    We have a disciplined mechanical, electrical, and optical engineering staff that delivers wide capabilites including efficient designs and functional prototypes quickly. This way, you can evaluate the form-fit-and-function of our solution and ensure it meets your standards or industry requirements.

  • automated flexible manufacturing capabilities

    Flexible Manufacturing

    We continuously improve our manufacturing capabilities to allow us to ramp-up production quickly and supply the volume you need. Whether it’s quick-turn fabrication or high-speed automated assembly, DDP responds to high-mix demand.

  • Quality testing capabilities

    Design Integrity

    Our engineers pay particular attention to thermal management and the performance characteristics of every electro-mechanical component we incorporate in our designs. Our design validation and quality assurance processes adds value by ensuring product consistency and long-term reliability.

  • product research capabilities

    Research & Development

    DDP is a recognized leader in the development of cutting-edge LED solutions. We continuously invest in dynamic electro-optical technology, training  and capabilities.  This allows our customers to realize the benefits of the latest solid-state indication and illumination designs available.

    Custom Solution

  • Need a custom product to fit your needs?
    We do it all.
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